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Vikings Stadium Update: No Optimism Anywhere, Basically

Ever hear the phrase "no news is good news"? That's not the case for the Minnesota Vikings and a potential new football stadium. No, every day there's deadlines being passed up and opportunities completely overlooked, and we're nearing a point where it's unlikely anything gets done in 2012. The legislature is up in April, and if it doesn't pass before then, it's on hold (barring any special sessions) until next year, when we can all come back and do this again.

Nobody is interested in the stadium as far as politics are concerned. As it stands, the stadium has actually missed a significant deadline - the one that says the bill needs to have passed at least one committee for it to remain plausible this legislative session. That deadline passed on Friday, according to ESPN. Also of note from that report is a prominent stadium supporter giving ... bad news.

Rep. John Kriesel said that he doubted the stadium bill could be approved before the end of the legislative session, suggesting that this next week really needs to show significant results if that's to be a possibility. As the report notes, Kriesel is a strong supporter of the stadium bill, and won't be up for re-election - so there's no reason for him to beat around the bush. He's likely telling the truth, and that's a bad sign for the stadium bill.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.