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Vikings Free Agency 2012: Ted Ginn Jr. Visiting Tuesday

The Minnesota Vikings are looking for some help on special teams, or more accurately, may be looking for some help for Percy Harvin. That's because Harvin does just about everything on the Vikings, from returns to playing receiver, to rushing the ball, and lightening the load can only help his effectiveness in the long run. How will they lighten the load? By bringing in another player who can do a lot, though they're likely only interested in one area in particular.

According to the Pioneer Press, the Vikings are set to bring in wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. for a visit on Tuesday. Ginn is an explosive kick returner and one of the league's best and most consistent punt returners, but his production as a wide receiver leaves a lot to be desired. While the Pioneer Press piece states that Ginn was not a primary option for the 49ers offense last season, he actually was in many ways, given the injuries and lacking production of Braylon Edwards.

But Ginn has come a long way from the guy who couldn't catch a ball to save his life that played with the Miami Dolphins after they made him a first-round pick. Ginn's hands have improved leaps and bounds, and he's just as fast as ever. His biggest problem is that he's still a poor route runner, and is not very good at tracking the ball.

He's got value to stretch the field, but is not a reliable target for Christian Ponder. So it's very likely that the Vikings want to take a look at Ginn as a returner, so Harvin can focus more on being a multi-tool for Ponder and the offense. Ginn has also visited with the Detroit Lions and St. Louis Rams.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.