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Vikings Stadium Update: Minneapolis Breakthrough Likely Won't Lead To Legislature Progress

It's already been noted that the Minnesota Vikings had their hopes for a new stadium take on second life within the Legislature on Monday. That new life came in the form of the Minneapolis City Council reaching a majority in regards to support of the stadium bill, which was a significant road block to the proceedings. It was a road block in the Legislature because ... why would the state approve something that the city hasn't even agreed on yet?

So, it's definitely some good news, but unfortunately, expectations should be kept at a minimum. There's a difference between pessimism and realism, and it's unfortunate to say that being pessimistic about the stadium at this point is simply being realistic. It's already been said that it was "new life" in a very small way, and the bill is not even close to being stable. Of sure, the bill is likely to get special permissions to get back in front of the Legislature even though it's technically missed the deadline for passing through one committee.

But it's still not something that's likely to get truly considered this Legislative session. As noted by the Minnesota Post, any significant action is unlikely. The article cites a quote from Steve Sviggum, communications director for the Senate's Republican caucus, where he calls the Minneapolis breakthrough a "little shot in the arm." It's then followed up with "It's breathing again, but only slightly."

If nothing gets done this Legislative session, it's unlikely there's any kind of mid-season exemptions and things of that nature, meaning we'll be right back here at the end of next season, trying to figure out whether the team will move or actually get something done. They're passed the deadline to submit the paperwork to relocate before the 2012 season.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.