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Vikings Stadium Update: Senate Not Supporting Bill, Regardless Of Minneapolis Majority

If you've been following along, the last two days in the saga for a new Minnesota Vikings football stadium were punctuated with a bit of good news and then a lot of bad news heaped on top of said good news. While the Minneapolis City Council came to a majority in regards to their support for the latest stadium bill, it was quickly reported that the Legislature wasn't hot on the issue and didn't consider it a priority.

Now, on top of that, it's clear that the Senate isn't going to make any kind of move on the bill. If they do, it's going to be outwardly negative, with support coming from very, very few places. As the Star Tribune reports, there aren't nearly enough votes for the bill to pass even its first committee in the Legislature.

It seems that everybody has a problem with something. One member says he isn't a fan of the gambling portion of the stadium - which is a $398 million share, mind you - while others simply don't even want to deal with the stadium now. Republican leaders don't consider it a priority and never have, meaning that much of this has all just been false hope. Nobody in the Senate intended to get anything done with this stadium plan, not in these election times. There are too many other things they can argue about.

A good way to make that point? The bill has been in front of the senate for over two weeks, and they haven't said much about it at all, not until the Minneapolis City Council affirmed their support for it. Now that they're being "forced" to say something, they're giving it the denial they always knew they would. There are still a ton of issues with the current bill, whether they be legitimate or fabricated because they simply don't want to look at it. With only weeks to go in the Legislature, it's hard to imagine something getting done.

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