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Vikings Stadium Update: Kriesel Open To Earmarking Money From E-Gaming Bill For Building

After the Vikings stadium bill was defeated in House of Representatives on Monday, the bill might be revived by Republican sponsor John Kriesel who hopes to "piggyback" the stadium plan on his electronic gambling bill, according to Doug Beldon of The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Kriesel's bill, which authorizes electronic pulltab and bingo gambling as well as sports-themed tipboards and provides tax relief for charitable-gambling organizations, is aimed at supporting the charities, Kriesel said.

He described it as "connected to the Vikings stadium bill with a breakaway cord." He said he'd be open at some point to earmarking money from his bill for the stadium project, but he wants the measure to get through Taxes as is.

An estimated $72 million per year in new tax revenue would be generated through the electronic pulltab and bingo games authorized under Kriesel's bill. Half would go to the charities supporting the games, while the other half would go to the state of Minnesota.

Kriesel's hope is, by earmarking money for building the stadium, there will be fewer obstacles to ny future stadium bills. Kriesel's bill is scheduled to be heard Thursday, April 19 in the Taxes committee.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.