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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Vikings Select Morris Claiborne With 3rd Pick, But Might Want To Trade

The Minnesota Vikings have finally started making things interesting regarding their third overall pick in this season's draft after a couple of months with nothing but Matt Kalil sharpeed in. Recently they've been swooning over CB Morris Claiborne, perhaps because they really want to draft the guy but also likely because they want to hype up that pick in case they get the chance to trade down for more picks.

The new SB Nation NFL Mock Draft is out and Claiborne is the pick for the Vikings, but not without mentioning the want to trade.

The Vikings should take Matt Kalil but public swooning over Claiborne and Justin Blackmon has people wondering about their intentions. Ultimately, the Vikings may want to trade this pick, luring others with some well-timed swooning. Claiborne would obviously meet a need. So would Kalil, who is the best prospect in this draft behind the two quarterbacks. Hard to go wrong here.

Claiborne is suddenly becoming the favorite to be picked by the Vikings, or at least the favorite to be used as trade bait. Or, you know, Matt Kalil is still a pretty darn good football player if they don't want to trade down.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.