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Vikings New Stadium Should Have No Problem Making Money

The problem of getting money to build the new Minnesota Vikings stadium was one of the big talking points in the congress as they argued bill after bill to get one built. Now that the hard part of getting such a bill through has been finished, the Stadium shouldn't have many issues with money in the future. estimates that the new stadium should be able to garner at least $30 million a year and possibly even more, which will help with endeavors like building a retractable roof onto the stadium.

One knowledgeable estimate is that the stadium, scheduled to open in 2016, could be worth an annual profit of at least $30 million to the team and perhaps as much as $40 million. That would be about triple the Vikings' estimated annual profit in the Metrodome.

A retractable roof for Wilf's new stadium would cost about $40 million. Plus, it will be surprising if the Vikings don't come up with an aggressive personal seat license plan for more revenue in the new stadium.

A good chunk of the money should come from naming rights, of course. According to the article from TwinCities, Target Inc., the owner of the rights to both the baseball and basketball/hockey stadiums in Minnesota right now, are the most likely group to get the naming rights to the new Vikings Stadium, though US Bank is also in the mix.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.