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Vikings New Stadium Could Attract Super Bowl, Minnesota Governor Says

Now that a new stadium for the Vikings is all but assured, the team and city of Minneapolis can start thinking of new ways to use their shiny new building. The obvious first answer, especially considering the team is pushing to get a retractable roof on it, is to host the Super Bowl at some point in the future.

Gov. Mark Dayton has set a goal of getting a Super Bowl into the new stadium at some point, with the most likely dates seeming to be 2020 or 2021 if the stadium opens as planned in the year 2016. That would give the league time to see out the stadium for a few years and decide if the Bowl is right for the new location.

"I worked for (Gov.) Rudy Perpich when he spearheaded getting the Super Bowl here in 1992."

Dayton said he figures the chance of Minnesota getting a second Super Bowl should be "reasonably good. I don't mean within a decade. They (NFL) don't just jump at the chance to go to northern climes. But we'll get one -- I'm very confident."

Minnesota last hosted Super Bowl XXVI in 1992, when the Washington Redskins defeated the Buffalo Bills, 37-24.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.