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Vikings Stadium Update: Revised GOP Plan 'Absolutely Worth Pursuing,' Gov. Says

Nothing should surprise anymore when it comes to the Minnesota Vikings stadium proposal, which seems to have died and come back to life a few times now.

It's no stunner, therefore, that what Gov. Mark Dayton dubbed a "hare-brained scheme" Wednesday morning was, by Wednesday night, "absolutely worth pursuing."

According to The Star Tribune, the latest about-face came when Republican legislators said that borrowing, not gambling, would be the main vehicle to pay for the Vikings' new stadium.

From The Star Tribune:

"We hope this is fruitful," said House Majority Leader Matt Dean, R-Dellwood, after formally presenting the idea to DFL Gov. Mark Dayton. "We're trying to find a solution that the Legislature can agree to."

Two days after the Legislature had hoped to adjourn, a handful of leaders are racing to piece together a new, end-of-session stadium proposal that ditches the much-criticized expansion of charitable gambling for traditional bonding.

According to the article, the new proposal calls for at least $250 million in borrowing. That price tag, however, does not include the price of a roof, which is still unknown. The City of Minneapolis would be on the hook for $150 million for construction costs, while the team would make up the $427 million difference.

A roof is thought to be imperative because, without one, the venue's ability to host year-round events would be limited.

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