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Vikings Stadium Update: Minnesota House Continues Debate, Multiple Amendments To Bill Rejected

The Minnesota House of Representatives continues to debate whether or not to approve funding for a new Vikings stadium, and legislators are putting their efforts into trying to shape the final bill to resemble their vision. There are still more than 20 amendments to go, but here are some of the amendments that have come up for a vote so far:

  • Prevailing Wage Amendment - Would boost union work, regulating the labor used in building the stadium. The amendment failed.
  • Amendment requiring free local TV for games - If Minnesotans are going to pay for the stadium, they ought to get something for their money. The amendment failed.
  • Amendment to remove electronic pull tabs as funding source - Gambling is bad, and making people play touchscreen video games while they're drinking is just mean.
  • Amendment preventing the state from using same engineering firm responsible for 35W bridge. - Football has enough controversy at the moment. The amendment was withdrawn.
  • Carbon Neutral Amendment - The stadium is intended to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, but some reps needed more assurance that football and the earth could get along. The amendment failed.
  • Amendment to expand availability of fireworks and earmark the tax revenue for the stadium - Everyone likes fireworks, everyone except for a majority of the Minnesota House of Representatives. The amendment failed.
  • Right to Work Amendment - Would reduce union work, applying Right to Work rules to the construction of the stadium. The amendment failed, and drew enough laughter from the room that the sponsor admonished the crowd and noted that it was not the time for laughter.
  • Amendment proposing that two tickets to every game be raffled off - The amendment passed.
Congratulations to Representative Ryan Winkler for being the only representative with an idea popular enough to be added to the bill.

Stay tuned to this storystream for updates on the vote. For more on the Minnesota Vikings and their stadium issues, head over to The Daily Norseman. For more on the NFL in general, check out SB Nation's dedicated NFL hub.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.