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Vikings Mini-Camp 2012: Minnesota's Roster Filled With Youth

The Minnesota Vikings got a bit of a jolt on Tuesday when Percy Harvin shook things up with talks of a holdout and perhaps even a trade if he gets his way, but there's plenty more to talk about in the mini-camps for the Vikings than Harvin's need to let everyone know his problems with the team.

Specifically, there is a bunch of youth filling the 90 man roster as we head into day two of the mini-camps for Minnesota. Health is good for the team right now too, with only one player missing from the 90 man roster on the first day. Without pads, the coaching staff is checking out the influx of new talent on all levels, specifically in what head coach Leslie Frazier is calling 'pressure situations'.

"Put them in stressful situations, see how they respond," coach Leslie Frazier said Tuesday, June 19. "Until we get the pads on in Mankato, you have to be careful of passing judgment. But we're trying to do some things to see where they are mentally."

It should prove to be an interesting group of camps for the Vikings with so much new blood around. Hoepfully, the Harvin problem gets solved quickly as well, so the Vikings can have one of their biggest stars happy during the first real tests of the off-season.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.