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Jerome Felton's DWI Arrest Being Looked At By NFL

The Minnesota Vikings and Jerome Felton are not out of the woods yet. It's been a few days since Felton was arrested on suspicion of driving while impaired, but the NFL appears to be taking another look. The Pioneer Press is reporting that the NFL is reviewing the weekend arrest due to the fact that Felton has had a prior DWI conviction.

Spokesman Greg Aiello said Thursday, June 7, the league was investigating Felton's detainment outside an Eden Prairie McDonald's. The recently acquired free agent is subject to punishment by Commissioner Roger Goodell under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy.

His arrest is of second-degree driving while impaired, third-degree DWI with an aggravating factor of one prior DWI conviction within 10 years and of careless driving. Felton allegedly refused an alcohol breath test - a gross misdemeanor - when the police conducted a sobriety test outside of a McDonalds at three in the morning.

Felton was signed by the Vikings this offseason on a one-year deal. The NFL is pretty strict when it comes to repeat offenders so it does seem likely that Felton miss some time, but nothing is confirmed just yet.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.