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Vikings Training Camp: Jared Alled Not Interested In Rotating 'Hockey' Philosophy

On Tuesday, Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Alan Williams explained to the media the execution of his proposed defensive line rotation, which he compared to a "hockey lineup," with eight players taking shifts.

On Wednesday, Jared Allen made it clear that he had no interest in any philosophy that involved him coming off the field.

Via The Star Tribune:

"I'm willing to do anything to win, but I don't like coming off the field," Allen said. "I work so hard in the offseason to get in the best shape that I can. My theory has always been, `You want to rest me, rest me during the week because I get paid to play on Sundays.' That's when I'm out there to make plays.

"I feel that if I'm on the field, I can make a play to help our team win. I understand you have to have a rotation and I'm going to do what they ask of me. There will be a diplomatic conversation if they ask me to roll back too much."

Allen also said that Williams and the rest of the defensive staff have yet to bring up the philosophy to him and joked that they were probably waiting until the end of camp because he was going to get mad at them.

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