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NFL Injury Reports: Mistral Raymond, Jared Allen Ailing After Vikings' Upset Win

The Minnesota Vikings overcame expectations on Sunday afternoon when they upset the San Francisco 49ers, so, in all reality, everything else that stemmed from that game is going to take secondary status. That includes the injuries from this week's game, though it doesn't seem as though anything severe stemmed from the upset.

Sack artist extraordinaire Jared Allen suffered a neck injury and missed time in the second half, but the defensive end told 1500 ESPN that it was only neck spasms and he'll be fine for future games.

"My whole left side of my neck locked up on me," Allen said. "That's why I wasn't in that much in the second half. I was trying to play in between neck spams. But at the end, I told (defensive line coach Brendan Daly), 'I'm going to play until it breaks.' I was able to get in there. The problem was I couldn't see the ball really."

Allen said he, "he would be good to go," when asked if the neck might be an issue for him going forward.

The only other injury suffered on Sunday for the Vikings was Mistral Raymond and, although he didn't play in the second half, the extent of his injury won't be known until further examination on Monday.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.