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Will the Wild ever Win Again? Wild vs Blues

Game preview from Hockey Wilderness. Please visit the game thread for full lineups and the five questions of the game.

In the most exciting match-up of the night, and the most exciting match-up in the Wild’s season, two teams will meet tonight to determine… absolutely nothing. Both teams are done for the year and playing out the string, and all that is left is some sense of pride. The Wild have lost seven straight, so it isn’t real clear how much pride is left.

The good news is, Zidlicky returns to the lineup, though with the game meaning nothing, let’s hope he is actually better and not playing for some sense of a final battle for the playoffs. At this point anyone who is hurt needs to just be shut down and allowed to heal up. It’s time.

What it takes to win this game? Does it even matter? OK, yes, it does. To win this, the Wild will need to find a way to put the last seven games behind them, find some pride, and man up. It is going to take just as much to beat the blues as it would to beat anyone else.

Halak is still a great goaltender, and the Blues have several weapons that can score at will. How they aren’t a playoff team is beyond imagination. A half-hearted effort won’t cut. If you want the Wild to win, hope for a solid game. If you want them to lose for draft position, well… hope for the opposite.

Enjoy the game. Only eight left.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.