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Wild Take The Show To Broadway To Face The Rangers

Game preview courtesy of Hockey Wilderness. Please visit the game thread later today for the lineups and the Five Questions of the Day.

The New York Rangers are not having a great go of it lately. In their past 10 they are 4-6, they have some serious injury issues, including some guy named Marian Gaborik they seem to think is a big deal, and Derek Boogaard, among others. Tons of payroll sitting on the side of the road, more buried in the AHL, and the Rangers are on their way, baby.

Still, the Rangers have weapons, and they have King Henrik. Coming out of last night, the Wild are embarrassed, and run head long into a team they may not have beaten on the best of nights. It will be interesting to see the game plan in this one. Stop the offense? Pour on the forecheck? What is the answer?

Todd Richards told Russo the Brunette- Cullen – Mittens line is no more. What it will look like, we’ll have to wait until warm ups to find out. There are conflicting reports if Casey Wellman is coming up or not. If he does, it would do this team some good. Bench someone. Anyone. Send a message. The last three games have just not been what we are used to seeing.

Regardless of who is in the lineup, the Wild need to turn it around, and soon. Tonight would be a good option, with the team coming back home, they could use a spark. Lose tonight, it’s a three game losing streak, and four out of five. Not exactly the type of run they need with the playoffs looming.

They were as high as fifth, now they are eleventh. Playoff position is only two points away, but continue losing, and that gap will grow. Ask the Avs. Time to turn it around. Right now. Tonight. They have reason to be angry, reason to be desperate, and reason to prove themselves. If they will remains to be seen.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.