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Wild Close Season Against the Dallas Stars

Game preview from Hockey Wilderness. Be sure to check out the full game thread for lineups and the Five Questions of the Game.

This is it folks. Your last chance at Minnesota Wild hockey until October. But hey, that’s only six month away, right? Ugh.

Today’s game has meaning if the Chicago Blackhawks lose, it has no meaning if they secure even a single point. The Stars are still alive in the playoff race, and this will be the last regular season game in the NHL. Whoever scheduled this game has to be pulling for a Hawks loss, right? Last game of the year, playoffs on the line? The story writes itself.

As for the game itself, the Wild are coming off of a gut check, and relatively easy win against a weak Oilers squad. They did, however, finally show some fight and some pride and stand up for themselves. If nothing else, they redeemed themselves a bit to the fans with that. A win on home ice to end the season would work wonders for fan morale going into a very long summer.

If the Stars are still alive when this one starts, don’t count on them going down easy, and the Wild will have to summon a force of nature to stop a team bent on making the playoffs. If this game means nothing, the Wild could be facing an angry or a deflated Stars squad. No matter what, this could be a very entertaining game for the fans.

If nothing else, it is your last Wild hockey fix until October, so you may want to tune in just for that.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.