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Shorthanded Minnesota Wild Face Canucks in Vancouver

Game preview from Hockey Wilderness. Please check out the gamethread tonight for full lineups and the five questions of the game.

This game should be a good indication of what type of hockey fan you are. If you just want it over with, you are likely a realist. If you want the Wild to win, you are a but of a homer. If you want them to lose, you are either a pessimist or want a higher draft pick. If you want to see the Wild go in and get into a dozen fights, you likely are a boxing fan.

This game, again, doesn’t mean much. The Wild Aeros are out, the Nucks cannot improve their position at all, but the show must go on. By all reports, it is beautiful in Vancouver, which is too bad, since they have such a detestable hockey team. The brain eaters, a couple feminine hygiene products, and goalie that still hasn’t solved the potent Wild offense.

Of course, this all comes across as sour grapes to most, so we’ll just hope for a classy end to the season series and wish the Canuckleheads luck on their way to be ousted by the Hawks in the first round. Will be good to watch them finally trip over their skate laces after such a great run all year.

Bitter? Nah. Not at all.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.