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Mikael Granlund Contract: Wild Will Pay New Player Maximum Amount Possible

Mikael Granlund, the Minnesota Wild's first-round pick in 2010, will receive the entry-level max for a 2010 draft pick, according to an article from the Star Tribune's Michael Russo.

Granlund, who signed on May 23, is slated to will make $900,000 in annual salary, including three signing bonuses of $90,000.

There are, however, a slew of built-in incentives. According to Russo's article, Granlund can make up to $850,000 in "A" bonuses. These bonuses include, among other things, 20 goals, 35 assists, 60 points, .73 points per game, being a top-six forward in ice time and on. Being on the All-Rookie team is also listed as an "A" bonus.

With a potential for up for $350,000 in "B" bonuses -- being a finalist for league awards, say, or finishing in the top 10 in statistical categories -- Granlund could make up to $2.1 million.

June 1 was the deadline for the Wild to sign Granlund, but according to Russo, sealing the deal was never in doubt:

I'm fairly certain that in the 6,382 conference calls I've been on in my career (I keep track), this was the first where the agent was invited on by the team. Usually, agents are thought of by teams the way Shane Doan thinks of Dustin Brown.

But that's how good the relationship between these two sides has been. And, in fact, the purpose of having Diamond on the call was to confirm for all to see (hear) that the delay in Granlund signing a year had nothing to do with any type of contract dispute and was solely for the reason Granlund's stated all along. He wanted to complete his military requirements, finish school and gain another year of experience so he's a more complete player when he comes to the NHL.

The Wild finished 12th in the Western Conference this season.

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