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Minnesota Stars to return in 2013

The NASL and the Minnesota Stars announced that the team has been purchased by a local ownership group, and will continue play in 2013.

Jeremy Olson,

"Wait 'til next year" has long been the cry of sports fans everywhere, but for Minnesota Stars fans, one of the chief worries at the end of the season was that there simply would not be a next year.

Those fans now need worry no more. The team, league-owned for the past two seasons, announced Friday that a "local Minnesota-based ownership group" has been found for the 2013 season. Said NASL Commissioner David Downs in the press release, "We cannot overstate how delighted we are at this outcome. The team has represented Minnesota in NASL play in extraordinary fashion over the past two years despite the lack of local owners, and now we believe this will give the Stars the foundation needed to flourish for years to come. As of today we now have local owners for the team who are clearly committed and dedicated to promoting soccer as an integral part of the community.”

There is, however, no word yet on who the new owners might be. The team has announced a press conference in Minneapolis next week to announce details, leading to speculation that the owner or owners may be considering moving the team to a venue in the city, rather than keeping the team at its current location in Blaine.

The NASL will see a change of format next season, with the schedule being split into two halves, and the winner of each half moving on to a league championship playoff. Today's announcement means Stars fans can now complain about the schedule, rather than complaining about not having a team at all.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.