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Minnesota Swarm Trade Anthony Cosmo for Two First Round Picks

Update: Swarm have confirmed the trade of Cosmo. Trade is for one first round pick in 2012 and one in 2013. The team has also confirmed that Nick Patterson has been released.

Last summer, the ownership group of the Minnesota Wild went on a trading spree. Fans of the team went into panic mode, the lacrosse community balked, saying the Arlottas had lost their minds. The trades resulted in a bevvy of additions to the team, and a roster boasting 12 rookies. The trades also resulted in the right to draft Anthony Cosmo in the Boston Blazers dispersal draft.

It became evident that Cosmo would refuse to play for the Swarm, wanting instead to play out east, and stay closer to home. Trade rumors immediately began, but nothing came of any of them. Until last night, when reported that the Swarm have traded Cosmo to the the Buffalo Bandits for two first round draft picks.

The deal has not been officially announced, as it is pending league approval, but it looks to be completed and ready to announce as soon as that approval is granted.

The trade will be analyzed from every angle, with everyone having an opinion to offer. Some will note that by holding out, Cosmo got what he wanted, meaning the hold out worked. It may lead to further holdouts for players who refuse to play for teams not close enough to their homes, or any other reason.

Those concerns are for another day.

Right now, the Swarm add two first round picks to a team that made two first round picks in the 2011 draft, and will now make four picks in the 2012 first round alone (one of their own, one from Toronto, one from Buffalo, and a second from Buffalo via Edmonton). Anyone who follows any sport knows that the draft is where you build your team, and lacrosse is no different. Take a second and imagine the Vikings, Twins, Wild, or Timberwolves enjoying four first round picks in one year.

Now imagine David Kahn is not your General Manager.

The Swarm have taken a team that has not made it past the first round of the playoffs in team history, and built a future from the ground up. Trading a player who had not played a game all year, and had no intention of doing so, for two first round picks is a win by all measures. Not to mention the fact that the Swarm have rookie goalies Tyler Carlson and Evan Kirk, who were both named as NLL players of the week.

The addition of four first round picks to the already growing number of young stars will help make the Swarm a force for years to come.

Also to be Noted:

Swarm goaltender Nick Patterson sent a cryptic message out to his followers late last night via Twitter, saying:

@Minnesota_Swarm to everyone involved, I enjoyed my years with the swarm and I'll miss playin there. Thanks

It was not immediately clear what this tweet meant, and speculation is just that, but some felt he may have been released by the team.

The Swarm host the NLL leading Colorado Mammoth at 7 PM at the Xcel Energy center. For more NLL lacrosse news, check out In Lax We Trust, SBNation's home for pro lacrosse.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.