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NLL Lacrosse: Minnesota Swarm Offer 'Meaningful Games in May' Discount

The Swarm want to provide the Minnesota sports fan with meaningful games in May. They are even willing to offer you a discount for your suffering.

Swarm 2
Swarm 2

If you are reading this site, you are likely a Minnesota sports fan. That, or you really enjoy watching others suffer. Either way, you're here, and that means you likely know a thing or two about just how miserable the Minnesota sports scene can be. The Wild haven't made the playoffs in four years. The Twins are on pace to lose over 100 games this year. The Vikings are, well, the Vikings. The Timberwolves had our hopes up before falling apart.

Setting aside the championship from the Lynx, we don't have much to cheer about here in Minnesota. Now you do.

The Minnesota Swarm have partnered with our Minnesota Wild site, Hockey Wilderness, to bring all Minnesota sports fans in the fold. The Swarm are offering discounted tickets to this Saturday's West Finals at the Xcel Energy Center for anyone who would like to see this thing called "the playoffs" live and in living color.

The Swarm and Hockey Wilderness are calling this the "Meaningful Games in May for Minnesota Sports Fans" discount. You won't get this deal anywhere else, except your Minnesota SBNation sites. The Swarm want a chance to prove to you that "playoffs" are real, and they are exciting.

Do yourself a favor and get on the bandwagon. The tickets, with this discount, are actually cheaper than regular season games. If you've never been to an NLL game, get yourself down to the Hive for this one. If you have been, why not come again, and support a team that is actually, you know, winning.

You can get your tickets through the Ticketmaster site, or by going to Use promo code: Xcel

The prices will be as follows:

Colony (Sideline): $38 (saves $6)

Worker Bee (Endzone, Lower Rows): $22 (saves $4)

Swarm Troopers (Endzone Upper Rows): $18 (saves $2)

It's time to get on board, Minnesota. Come down to the Hive. Check out the Swarm. They're even ready to give you a discount for your suffering.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.