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Top Fives

Five Potential Quarterbacks For The Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings need to find themselves a quarterback for this Monday night, and we here at SB Nation Minnesota are more than happy to try to help them.

Bottom 5 Games Of The Brad Childress Era

Looking at the five worst games under the Brad Childress era for the Vikings.

This stream has:

Top 5 Games Of The Brad Childress Era

Looking at the top five games of the Brad Childress era.

Top Five Randy Moss Viking Performances

Randy Moss had some great performances as a member of the Vikings. Which ones were the greatest?

Top 5 Reasons Tim Brewster Must Go

Exploring the top 5 reasons why the Gophers need to fire Tim Brewster.

Top Five: Worst Losses In Gopher Football History

Where does the Gophers' loss to South Dakota on Saturday rank among their worst? Check out this week's Top Five list to find out!

Top Five: Toughest Tests For The Minnesota Vikings In 2010

The Vikings have a very tough road ahead of them in 2010. SBNation Minnesota takes a look at what their five toughest tests will be this year.

Top Five Keys To A Successful Gophers Season

The Minnesota Golden Gophers kick off their football season this Thursday against Middle Tennessee State. Here's a look at five players that need to step up in 2010.

Top Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be That Worried About The Minnesota Vikings

The Packers are the chic pick in the NFL North. Here's why they're also the wrong pick.

Top Five: Football Outsiders Looks At The Minnesota Vikings

We got the opportunity to sit down and ask ten questions of the folks at Football Outsiders. Here are the first five of those questions.

Top Five: Vikings Training Camp Questions (Not Including 'That' Question)

The Vikings have plenty of questions that need to be answered during training camp. What are the biggest ones?

Top Five: Minnesota's Most Popular Athletes

Minnesota has a lot of athletes, but there's a select group that makes up the five most popular in the state. Who's number one? Take a quick glance to your left.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.